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Hawaiʻi Mesonet

Planned full network of 115 stations, including approximately 20 current stations.

Data collected for public distribution (NOAA/NWS (MADIS):

Rainfall, air temperature (2 for redundancy), relative humidity (2 for redundancy), wind speed & direction, net radiation (including its four components: downwelling & upwelling shortwave & longwave radiation), soil moisture (3 depths), soil heat flux, soil temperature, air pressure, enclosure humidity.

University of Hawaiʻi

We also maintain our own publicly available data portal: HCDP: Hawaiʻi Climate Data Portal

HCDP Twitter:

News: $1.33M grant to better understand, forecast Hawaiʻi’s complex weather and climate

Article: UH Receives $1.3 Million Grant for Project Deploying 84 Climate Stations