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The National Mesonet Program

The goal of the National Mesonet Program (NMP) is to support and ensure a weather-ready nation. The National Mesonet is a multi-functional, multi-faceted observational weather “network of networks” that delivers critical information required for improved weather prediction and warnings across the United States.

Protecting Lives and Property

The National Mesonet helps the NWS provide substantially improved weather forecasts and warnings that result in reduced casualties from storms...

Economic Benefits to Industries

Besides improving conventional weather forecasting, the National Mesonet has also emerged as a key tool to aid the development of the domestic...

NMP: Saving Federal Funds

The National Mesonet Program significantly lowers the overall per-station cost in comparison with a government station-only strategy, enabling...

Partners & Community

Comprised of numerous and diverse public-private partners, the National Mesonet is a cost-effective, critical resource for the National Weather Service (NWS), state and local government agencies, policy makers, business enterprises, educators and researchers.


The NMP’s vision is to continually provide high-value and timely data to meet the needs of every weather sensitive segment of the U.S. economy including defense, transportation, agriculture, insurance, land-use planning and energy sectors.

Protecting the Nation

The NMP continues to leverage increasingly dense and resilient networks, delivering new technologies and arrays of observations that enhance the NWS’s ability to protect life, property and the economic vitality of the nation.