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NMP Partners

The National Mesonet Program is comprised of more than 40 partners:

  • Private companies
  • State mesonets
  • Academic research organizations

NMP Network of Networks

The National Mesonet’s 35,000 stations/platforms include:

  • Aircraft data
  • Boundary layer observations
  • Nationwide surface data

NMP Data

National Mesonet data is used for:

  • Numerical weather prediction (NWP) — particularly high-resolution regional
  • Weather Forecast Office (WFO) short-term forecast modifications
  • Situational awareness
  • Post-event analysis
  • National Mesonet Data is licensed with limited rights

NMP Partner Media

Video and other media produced by NMP partners.

Mesonet Landscaping Pass

Mesonet Landscaping Pass

A typical landscaping maintenance pass occurs multiple times per year at each Oklahoma Mesonet site.