Protecting Lives and Property

The National Mesonet helps the NWS provide substantially improved weather forecasts and warnings that result in reduced casualties from storms and other hazards, both natural and human-made. Forecasters rely on local and regional mesonets for critical information that enhances situational awareness during severe weather events and fills large data voids in the airport-centric federal weather observing system. During Hurricane Sandy, real-time data from the National Mesonet, including over 100 stations from WeatherFlow, Rutgers University, and other networks, were instrumental to NOAA forecasters who had to communicate with national and local emergency managers.

NMP Partners

The National Mesonet Program is comprised of more than 40 partners:

  • Private companies
  • State mesonets
  • Academic research organizations

NMP Network of Networks

The National Mesonet’s 35,000 stations/platforms include:

  • Aircraft data
  • Boundary layer observations
  • Nationwide surface data

NMP Data

National Mesonet data is used for:

  • Numerical weather prediction (NWP) — particularly high-resolution regional
  • Weather Forecast Office (WFO) short-term forecast modifications
  • Situational awareness
  • Post-event analysis
  • National Mesonet Data is licensed with limited rights